State Licensing

Mission Servicing Residential, Inc. NMLS ID #64524

AK – AL — Licensed by State Banking Department of Alabama, license # 20902;

AR — Licensed by Arkansas Securities Department, license # 102323;

CA — Licensed by California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act, license # 4131351;

CO — Licensed by Colorado Department of Law, license # MSV-9000160;

CT — Licensed by Connecticut Department of Banking, Consumer Credit Division, license # MS-64524;

GA — Licensed by Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, license # 20584;

HI — Licensed by State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Financial Institutions, license # MS252;

IL — Licensed by Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, license # MB.6761485;

IA — Licensed by Iowa Division of Banking, license # 2020-0027;

KS — Licensed by Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner, Division of Consumer and Mortgage Lending, license # MC.0025628;

KY — Licensed by Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions, license # MC24136;

LA — Licensed by Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions, license # 2863;

MD — Licensed by Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation, license # 64524;

MI — Licensed by Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, Consumer Finance Division, license # FR0023256;

MN — Licensed by Minnesota Department of Commerce, Financial Institutions Division, license # MN-MS-64524;

MS — Licensed by Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance, Mortgage Division, license # 64524;

MO — Licensed by Missouri Division of Finance, Mortgage Licensing Section, license # 64524-S;

NE — Licensed by Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, license # 64524;

NH — Licensed by State of New Hampshire Banking Department, Consumer Credit Division, license # 23433-MS;

NJ — Licensed by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, license # 64524;

NC — Licensed by North Carolina Commissioner of Banks, license # S-191554;

OH — Licensed by Ohio Division of Financial Institutions, Consumer Finance, license # RM.850287.000;

OR — Licensed by Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, license # 64524;

PA — Licensed by Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, Non-Depository Licensing Office, license # 74804;

RI — Licensed by State of Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation, license # 20204071LS;

SC — Licensed by South Carolina Board of Financial Institutions, Consumer Finance Division, license # MLS – 64524;

SD — Licensed by South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, Division of Banking, license # 64524.ML;

TX — Licensed by State of Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, license # 64524;

VT — Licensed by Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, license # 64524-1;

WA — Licensed by Washington Financial Institutions Division of Consumer Services, license # CL-64524;

WV — Licensed by West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions, Mortgage Division, license # ML-64524;

WI — Licensed by Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution, license # 64524BA;


Mission Servicing Residential, Inc. NMLS Unique ID 64524

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