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Just as one shoe size doesn’t fit everyone, one loan type doesn’t fit everyone’s unique financial circumstances. We take the time to thoroughly discuss your needs, goals, and financial situation to help identify a loan program to best fits your needs.

Navigating the home loan process can be scary foreign territory, but thankfully, it’s easier when there are plenty of options to choose from under the guidance of an experienced team. Take a look at all the options we offer below and see how possible — and affordable — home loan financing can be.

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Conventional Loans

A conventional loan is one that is not insured or guaranteed by the federal government. These loans are often more common among customers who have purchased a house before and are in a position to meet a narrower set of qualification requirements.

Conventional loan lending guidelines require the borrower to have debt-to-income ratios and credit scores within a specified range, and the ability to show stable income.

Those who meet these qualifications and want to opt out of private mortgage insurance (PMI) can do so by putting 20% down on the home at closing, which lowers their monthly payments.

Best for people with:

  • Steady income
  • Strong credit
  • Debt-to-income (DTI) less than 43%
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  • Credit score of 620+
  • Minimum 3% down payment

FHA Loans

The government understands that everyone needs a place to live but that not everyone can meet the standards of a conventional loan. So, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures home loans to expand homeownership opportunities to more borrowers.

These loans require the borrower to occupy the home as their primary residence. The loan amounts are capped, and the borrower is required to purchase mortgage insurance in case the home falls into foreclosure. Nonetheless, FHA loans are a great option for people who never thought they would be able to otherwise qualify for a loan.

Best for people with:

  • Limited savings
  • A lower credit score
  • Higher debt
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  • 3.5% down payment for 580+ credit score
  • 10% down payment for 500–579 credit score
  • Proof of income and a steady paycheck

VA Loans

The VA loan program is made available by the government exclusively to veterans as a way of thanking military members and their families for their service to the country. These loans make it easier for retired and active-duty members to buy a house or refinance a current mortgage loan, as VA loans offer less restrictive qualification guidelines, low down payment minimums, minimal closing costs, and do not have loan amount caps nor require private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Best for people with:

  • Veteran status
  • Lower credit score
  • Minimal savings
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  • Be active or retired military
  • Credit score in low-to-mid 600s
  • Debt-to-Income (DTI) of 41% or less