Effective change can’t happen
without revolutionary leadership

The mortgage loan process has been the same for too long. It no longer serves the needs of modern consumers — but nothing can change without the tenacity of strong captains steering the ship. Our leadership has recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the way mortgages are done.

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty along the way

You will never find our leadership team operating passively behind closed doors. Our leaders are hands-on individuals who get down in the weeds of day-to-day operations, partnering with staff members in identifying the best mortgage solutions. We build out strategic processes and provide the technology that team members need to best serve our customers — and we know the faces and names of our people. In turn, they feel valued and go on to value their customers.
Mission Loans is home to caring, experienced, passionate directors who are thinking outside the box and improving the mortgage process for everyone involved. We’ve seen how many factors can get in the way of a great customer experience, and we want to be different. Our company takes a compassionate, caring approach and uses innovative digital tools that enable us to better serve customers.

Our leaders are truly the future of the mortgage banking business.

Corporate Leadership


Chad Smith isn’t the kind of CEO that only busies himself with big-picture tasks. In fact, you can almost always find him getting his hands dirty and having fun with his teams, as Chad recognizes that happy teams work harder and are better motivated to serve their customers. It’s this passion, energy, fresh perspective, and positive attitude that drive our culture of inclusion and employee satisfaction.

Chad is known for assembling the best teams, which set Mission Loans’ customer experience as the standard of excellence for the rest of the industry.


Dave brings more than 25 years of executive experience in the consumer mortgage and technology industries coming from brands including loanDepot, LLC, Nationstar, LendingTree, Discover Home Loans, Qualcomm and Toshiba. In light of recent events, Dave turned his focus to the law enforcement industry and serves on the BOD for WRAP Technologies, the company that invented the Bolawrap, a non-lethal restraint device that presents an alternative to firearms for law enforcement officers.

Dave’s breadth of experience has helped him succeed through numerous credit cycles. He is known for assembling strong teams with a reputation for execution and the Mission Loans team represents the best from each of the organizations he’s been involved with.

Product / Operations


Chi is a dedicated member of the Mission Loans team with over 15 years of experience helping homeowners through the loan lifecycle. She’s determined to re-engineer the loan manufacturing process and has improved the way we interact with our customers by making the application process easier for both our sales teams and our customers. Additionally, she is hyper focused on reducing duplicate work in an effort to increase the efficiency of our operations staff.


Dan is a seasoned financial expert with tremendous experience and success in capital markets. Over his 30-year career, he has worked with small, entrepreneurial financial institutions as well as large, noteworthy ones, including Bank of America and JP Morgan. In these positions, he contributed to the acquisition of billions of dollars in loans each month and an industry-leading price optimization model. He is a trusted mentor and partner to his team at Mission Loans.


Hans is another one of the friendly faces at Mission Loans that works tirelessly to improve your mortgage experience. He is a pioneer of digital strategy, leveraging data and technology to modernize and simplify the process for you. Hans has even partnered with agencies to flesh out multiple digital pilots, which have since gone to market. His goal is to bring all the best customer service practices to our business by actively looking for inspiration from other industries.


Bob has been in the mortgage finance business since 1997. With over 25 years of valuable experience in executive-level mortgage banking roles, he brings a wealth of experience in all areas of the business, including operational and financial strategy, assessment of organic and acquisition expansion opportunities, governance and risk management. Bob thrives on creating efficiencies, meeting company objectives, and maximizing profitability every day.


Erica is a veteran in the mortgage industry with 19 years of service pioneering and deploying the next generation of fintech. Mortgage technology is at the core of her strengths with some of her contributions including digital validations for income and assets, remote notarization, and e-notes, to name just a few. She oversees all technology innovation and strategy, which has resulted in the growth of Mission Loans’ operations.


After 20 years of HR experience and 15 years in leadership roles, Rita has made a name for herself as a results-focused leader who consistently hires and retains the best talent. Her retention and motivational strategies help our company attain and keep our most valuable asset: our people. Her creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal communication skills have not only helped our team members — they’ve helped us strengthen our bottom line and meet organizational goals.



Holly is the Chief Compliance Officer for Mission Loans and has more than 30 years of experience under her belt. Her tenure in the banking and mortgage lending industry has contributed to her expertise in compliance and risk management. She provides the most updated and reliable guidance on federal and state laws surrounding consumer compliance, ensuring that our team and clients are always in the know.