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More than A Mortgage

At Mission Loans we treat every transaction as if it was our own. We understand that the mortgage is the financial vehicle that helps you live the American Dream. We are honored to help fulfil our borrower’s and brokers dreams.

Going the
Extra Mile

We understand what is on the line with your mortgage transaction. We do what it takes to make sure your loan is processed and funding quickly so you an focus on what is really important in your life.


Compassionate Customer Service

At Mission Loans we care about you and understand how important your mortgage is to you. We treat our brokers and borrowers as they would like to be treated, with respect and with a sense of urgency.


Total Transparency

We are transparent with our brokers and borrowers. If we say we can do something we will do it; if we can’t, we’ll let you know right away.

10Y rs

Going beyond traditional disposition offers an opportunity to mitigate financial risks by selling assets faster, resulting in higher net returns. By disposing of assets earlier through our alternative approach, our clients avoid spending capital on traditional home preservation and property management expenses.


Financial loss reduced
up to fifteen percent

Our proven process is faster and far more efficient than traditional disposition methods, allowing true operational optimization. By not having to manage large inventories of distressed properties, our clients can refocus on their core business of lending and servicing.


Operational variable expenses reduced
up to sixty percent

Our solution brings immediate reduction in regulatory risks. By removing the burden of taking in, managing, preserving, and selling large inventories of distressed properties, our clients benefit from less exposure to liability risks, compliance issues and housing regulation violations.


Inventory reduced
up to fifty percent

In alignment with our clients’ mission of preserving home ownership, we have created a marketplace with buyers competing to pay premium for occupied properties. The sale of these homes to investors for the purpose of renting back to occupants will allow our clients to avoid the human impact and reputational risks associated with evictions.


Seller evictions reduced up to one hundred percent

Your loan = mission possible

If you’ve ever told yourself that you could never qualify for a mortgage loan, think again. With all the options available today, we are confident there’s a loan out there for nearly everyone. Let’s figure out which one is right for you.
  • 1
    Conventional loans

    Only 3% down payment required

    Fixed and adjustable rates

    Several term options

    No private mortgage insurance with 20% down payment

  • 2
    FHA loans

    Only 3.5% down payment required

    Flexible credit qualifications

    Great for first-time homebuyers

  • 3
    VA loans

    0% down payment

    Affordable loans for veterans

    Low-interest rates

    No private mortgage insurance

Happy teams make great things happen. Take it from our customers.

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
Angie Adams
Angie Adams
Very caring staff - willing to walk through all the steps. Sebastian has been awesome to work with and was able to get is a lower rate that the other company that contacted. Great Customer Service!
catus goldwater (theflyingcatus)
catus goldwater (theflyingcatus)
Had a great experience working with Tiffany and Christine. Easiest refinance we have ever been a part of. Had no issues at all from start to finish. Very helpful and very on top of things through the whole process. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to refinance their house.
Brian Martin
Brian Martin
We worked with Matt Kincade on a HELOC. We had tried two other finance companies in the previous 4 weeks. The first only offered us a fraction of what we asked for. The second company jacked our rates up to over 10% from the initial 9% they offered, and tried to add in some additional fees during the process. During the application with Mission Loans, Matt's initial offer beat the previous lenders with a 7.5% interest rate. During the application, Matt was able to increase the amount of our loan and got us an even LOWER rate in the 5% range, AND got 50% more cash out for us than we expected! He didn't have to do this as he already got our business, but taking the time to find us a lower rate, even after we already committed, was some of the best customer service we've found. Savings. Attentive service. Knowledgeable agent. Responsive. Great job Matt and Mission Loans.
Aroldo Garza
Aroldo Garza
We just closed on a refinance and Chris Connolly was the one who helped us out. He did a great job and explained everything to us very professionally. I appreciate the patience that he and his team showed us especially with all the questions we had . He always answered the phone when we called. And we closed in 3 weeks ! Thank you Chris and Mission Loans..also, of the 5 companies we shopped at Chris Connolly gave us the best deal. Beat that Rocket Mortgage!!.....
daryl blue
daryl blue
Great experience with Tony and his Underwriter Tiffany they both were very professional and got the loan funded very quickly...I thank them...great job
jesse sheppard
jesse sheppard
Janelle Mossman and Sepand Fallah were pleasant and professional in all our interactions. Even when I needed a push about handling a lien I was unaware. They both made the whole process as seamless as possible. It was a pleasure working with them, and I would recommend this organization to anyone!
Renee McDonald
Renee McDonald
We were very impressed with Mission Loans from the first contact all the way through to the closing and funding process. Everyone was extremely professional and so helpful. This was the best loan experience ww have ever had.
Javier Montoya
Javier Montoya
Sam and Christy were both a great help with my loan. They were patient and informative. Amazing customer service!
Katherine Helm
Katherine Helm
Mission Loans was very quick and responsive. Very happy with all of the people we worked with. We also changed the loan several times and they were very accomodating of our changes. Thank you!

Achieve numerous goals with a single loan

For some people, taking out a home loan isn’t always about buying a house. Here are some common objectives that can be achieved with a loan from Mission Loans:

Take cash out on your existing equity

Taking cash out of your home equity allows you to transform your home's value into tangible opportunities. Whether it's renovating your space, investing in education, or seizing new financial prospects, harness the power of your home equity for a brighter future.

Refinance a previous home loan for better terms

You may qualify for better rates than you did when you last got a mortgage. You could also shorten your term and pay off your house faster.

Make home improvements without depleting savings

Whether you’re trying to add value to your property before selling or making upgrade, Mission Loans can help you accomplish your goal without breaking the bank with a cash out refinance.

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